Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Stanley Hotel-- Real Ghost Evidence?

Via by M. Lekha

The Stanley hotel is one of the greatest hotels which consisted of 420 rooms located in Estes park, Colorado. It is just five miles away from Rocky Mountain National Park.

It is a very beautiful hotel which gives the best view of Estes, and the Rocky Mountains. It was built by Freelan Oscar Stanley and was opened on July 4th, 1909. It is one of the best historic places of America.


The author Stephen King, stayed here in a room 217 and observed all the occurrences in that hotel and wrote a book called "The Shining," which helped others knowing about this haunted place.

It has a restaurant, spa and rooms for visitors; it also allows ghost tours and  reportedly has paranormal hauntings

It was said that each of it's 140 rooms hold secret and each wall tells a story. Employees of Stanley hotel always report strange noises coming from ball room as if there is a great party going on there. But the ballroom is always empty.


Many people believe that the hotel is haunted by Freeman Stanley and his wife Flora. It was said by many people that their apparitions are seen in formal attires to welcome visitors.

The next ghost that was found here is " The Earl of Dunraven" who owned this land before he gave to Stanley. He likes room 407 and many visitors who stayed here always complain a face looking back down from window. They always complain the smell of cherry pipe tobacco at night which was Earl's favourite.


There was a housekeeper named Elizabeth who worked in that hotel till 1950 and passed away while working there. It is said that her ghost haunts the room 217 where the novelist Stephen King stayed. In this room the doors open and close be themselves and the lights on and off automatically. It is also said that the ghost of a child haunts the walls of Stanley hotel. He always search for his nanny running over the corridors.

Room 418 is the most haunted spot in the Stanley hotel and many fear to go there. The guests always hear small children playing outside the door but truly they find no one there. They also hear children crying throughout the night. The beds look like someone are sleeping on them. There are many strange voices that are heard and many unknown events happened there.


A visitor named Henry Yau has posted a photo on Instagram recently on 8th April, 2016. A photo of staircase at Stanley Hotel where he saw two apparitions on the stairs who dressed in old fashioned clothing and a child standing next to her.

No one knows what happened behind that creepy walls and rooms. But this place is a very good place for paranormal hauntings and surely its a best experience anyone could have to visit this hotel and enjoy the nature.


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