Friday, January 6, 2017

Paranormal investigator takes on the Werewolf of Cannock Chase

Via by Richard Ault

Could a werewolf do for Staffordshire what the Loch Ness Monster has done for Scotland?

Paranormal investigator Damon Simms thinks so. He has been contacted by a production company interesting in making a TV programme featuring the Werewolf of Cannock Chase.

Damon has done his bit to spread the myth of the werewolf, which he says is one of his favourite stories that he has covered in his Sentinel column, Supernatural Staffordshire.

The 42-year-old father-of-three, from Longton, said: “I see the Werewolf of Cannock Chase as rather like a fantastic cash cow. I think it is Staffordshire's Nessie – and if you think how many people go to Loch Ness in Scotland because of the monster, it is incredible.

“It is our little thing that comes up when people research the paranormal. The history of the place gives it credence. There's been murders in the area and all sorts of horrendous things that have gone on up there, it's got a dark past.

“There have been many creditable people who have claimed to see the werewolf, including rangers, an ex-police officer, a good friend of mine who is a civil surveyor. What I find interesting is there always seems to be a spate of UFO sightings at Cannock Chase as well as the werewolf sightings.
“I found a story of a boy in Eccleshall who promised his soul to the Devil in exchange for being able to transform into a werewolf, while using a ouija board. Shortly after he rang up a friend making strange guttural noises and panicking about transforming. He committed suicide, he stabbed himself with a silver knife. It was around about the time that the first sightings of the werewolf were made, in 1975.

“I have been contacted by a production company called Eleven Films. They are working on a new paranormal series. They approached me after reading Supernatural Staffordshire to ask if I can help with pulling together a show about the werewolf. They want to speak to anyone who has personal experience of the story of the Werewolf of Cannock Chase."

The densely wooded area of Cannock Chase, is in fact one of Britain's most active paranormal hotspots. As well as the werewolf and numerous sightings of UFOs, it is where a number of people have claimed to have seen the creepy Black Eyed Child. There's also the 'Pig Man' and the 'Lady of the Chase'.

As far as the werewolf goes, most of the sightings seem to have been centred around the German War Cemetery. It is claimed that of all the official werewolf sightings in the UK – that is, reported to the police – the overwhelming majority of them at Cannock Chase.

Damon has now been writing his Supernatural Staffordshire column for nearly two years – but his obsession with the paranormal goes back to his youth. He is now regularly contacted by people who claim to have witnessed strange phenomenon.

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