Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Real-life Jurassic Park could be heading to Japan very soon

Via by Jack Shepherd

For many Jurassic Park fans, the idea of being able to roam around a gigantic park filled with dinosaurs is both an incredible and terrifying idea. Just imagine being able to drive alongside triceratops or gaze upon a tyrannosaurus rex? What could possibly go wrong?

At an industry expo in Tokyo last week, investors were introduced to the idea of a real-life Jurassic Park, albeit with animatronic dinosaurs instead of genetically made beasts like in Stephen Spielberg’s film.

According to The Telegraph, Dino-a-Live would be a ‘half visual spectacle and half wacky performance piece’ based within Dino-a-Park, the brainchild of Japanese entrepreneur Kazuya Kanemaru who hopes to get full funding by 2017.

When presenting the idea, Kanemaru presented a robotic tyrannosaurus rex which then attempted to eat an actor. Watch footage above.

The park would be filled with the fully-painted carbon fibre robots, each based on real fossilised dinosaurs. Fingers crossed the park won’t fail like Palmersaurus, a dinosaur park based in Queensland, Australia, which reportedly sacked hundreds of staff members a year after opening in 2014. Those dinosaurs, however, were a lot less lifelike.

Other concerns include robots taking over the world and then using their newly developed dinosaur army against the humans or a Westworld-esque scenario where certain dinosaurs go rogue, but that’s surely a problem for future generations. Until then, let’s enjoy Dino-a-Park, shall we?


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