Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ghost 'caught' on Packhorse Bridge

Ghost hunters from Cheshire Paranormal Society (CPS) took this photo during an investigation on the historic Packhorse Bridge in the village of Caergwrle, near Wrexham, the scene of a number of sightings. Does it show a ghost?

This ghostly figure is standing on the Packhorse Bridge, Caergwrle, near Wrexham, according to Cheshire Paranormal Society chairman John Millington. At the time members hadn't realised what was apparently standing on the bridge in front of them, but some group members had reported feeling uneasy and other paranormal activity was also recorded, such as so-called orbs of light. Through further study and assistance from members of Hope and Caergwrle Heritage Society, it's thought three ghosts haunt the bridge; a young girl and two women.

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