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Swarm Of 800,000 Bees Kills Arizona Gardener

A swarm of bees has killed a man in Arizona and sent another to hospital.

The two were working at a house in Douglas, a town on the border with Mexico, when they were attacked.

They were part of a group of four cutting grass and weeding for the owner of the house, a 90-year-old man who was not stung, news reports said.

According to the Arizona Republic, one worker had collapsed and was in respiratory arrest by the time then emergency medical personnel arrived at the scene.

He died at the hospital. The other was stung about 100 times, the newspaper said.

5 Real Cursed Objects That Would Make Great Horror Movies

There are a ton of cursed objects in the real world. And trust me, these go well beyond your cell phone which you think is "cursed" because sometimes you swear you heard a text tone, but when you looked down you had no messages. Not like that. No, these objects are the real deal. Well...we might not be able to say with absolute certainty whether or not curses are real, but we can guarantee you that these tales of cursed objects are!

The Cursed Amethyst

This stone was stolen during the Rebellion out of the Temple of Indra in Kanpur, India way back in 1857, and ever since then it's done nothing but strike bad luck and misfortune in the lives of the people that have owned it.

Colonel W. Ferris, a Bengal cavalryman, was allegedly the first man to own the stone after it left India. Almost immediately after returning to England he lost almost everything he owned and his health began to deteriorate. Ferris then willed the stone to his son who had similar problems. So much so, that he gave it to a friend who then committed suicide.

In 1890, Edward Heron-Allen came to possess the stone without knowing about its past. After facing some tragedies of his own, he gave it to a friend who inquired about it. It was returned to him after this friend was "overwhelmed by every possible disaster." He then gifted the amethyst to a friend who happened to be a singer. Sadly, she also gave it back after losing her voice and attributing it to the stone. She never sang again. Finally it dawned on Heron-Allen that the stolen gemstone might be the cause of these problems. He locked it in a bank vault with the request that it not be removed until 3 years after his death. In 1943, the stone was removed from the safe by his daughter who, at this point, was well-aware of its curse. She was sure to have nothing to do with it and sent it away to a museum with a word of caution.

Today, the stone sits in the Vault of the Natural History Museum in London. While it hasn't done any serious damage as of late, as far as we know, that doesn't mean the curse has been lifted. Couldn't you just imagine a movie about some robbers who get much more than they expected after a heist? I would watch the hell out of that.
Crying Boy Painting

In the mid 1980's there was a string of house fires that caught the attention of the press. Fires happen all the time, what's the big deal? Well, the big deal was that many of these houses had something in common. A popular painting, that was mass produced at the time, called 'Crying Boy' hung in each of these buildings. Even creepier though is the fact that the fire spread everywhere, touching everything except the 'Crying Boy' paintings.

There were a reported 40-50 cases of fires that "The Curse of the Crying Boy" is believe to be the one to blame. It was later found that the painting, which had been painted by a Spanish artist, was of an orphan who died in a car crash not long after the piece was finished. Some psychics believe that the painting is haunted by the boy it depicts. The one stipulation I read on this is that it only becomes active once the owner of the painting becomes aware of the curse. If that were the case, people should haven't gotten the media involved. Boom! Problem solved.

Kids are creepy. Crying kids are especially creepy. Old paintings are creepy. So why hasn't this story been made into a movie yet?

Hawaiian Lava Rocks 

This is one of my personal favorite curses because my family descends from the fair islands of Hawaii. All the little keiki (children) far and wide know to never spurn Pele, the volcano goddess. While this can mean anything from turning down her romantic advances, to refusing to help her human form on the side of the road. The most well-known and more modern rules regarding Pele is that you don't steal anything natively Hawaiian. This includes sand, lava rocks, pumice, etc. It's considered the equivalent of stealing from from someone who has let you visit their home. Very rude. People who steal from Pele usually face a flood of personal problems. Pets dying, relationships ending, getting fired, it's all within Pele's power!

Because of this, every year the Hawaiian National Parks receive tons of packages that are filled with stolen rocks and letters complaining about their lives being ruined and asking for forgiveness. There's also a similar curse in Australia in regards to the Uluru Rocks. Whether these are legitimate curses by some ancient deity, or just national park rangers getting tired of people actually breaking federal law by stealing from a national park and desecrating the natural landscape, let's all just leave the rocks where they belong.

I would also love to see a movie made about some Hawaiian mythology. Seeing Pele ruining some dumb teenagers for being disrespectful to the island on the big screen would be some fantastic entertainment.
Thomas Busby's Chair

There's nothing particularly scary about furniture. I mean, dolls and deities I get but a chair? Well that's at least what I thought until I heard about Thomas Busby's cursed death chair!

The story starts in 1702 when Busby, who was already a thief and alcoholic, drunkenly murdered his father-in-law, Daniel Awety, for refusing to get out of his favorite Inn chair (yes, that chair). Seems a bit extreme, right? The police found Awety's body, linked Busby to the crime, and ordered him to death by hanging. On the day of his execution, Busby had to be dragged out of his chair to the gallows and exclaimed “that anyone who dared to sit in it would die a sudden and violent death.”

Fast forward a few years and the Inn is still open. The new owner, not believing in the curse, still kept the chair out in the tavern. The curse and the tavern began to gain notoriety after a chimney sweep who had sat in the chair, was found dead the next morning hanging from a gatepost near where Busby was hanged. Friends would dare one another to sit in the chair, and while most refused, those who did all fell to their untimely end. The death-by-chair-cure numbers soared during WWII when brave soldiers who took the dare would never return from war.

Eventually the chair claimed enough lives for it to be placed far away from the bar. Sadly, one delivery man who was unaware of the curse sat in the chair to rest only to die after his truck ran off the road a few hours later. Today this chair hangs 5 feet off the ground at the Thirsk Museum in North Yorkshire England, so that no person's butt shall be subject to the curse ever again.

I'm actually not sure how this would turn into a movie. Revenge of the Furniture? I don't know. The solution would be too easy. Just...don't sit there.

Robert the Doll

If Annabelle didn't particularly do it for you, have no fear! There are plenty more haunted dolls, because dolls are super f*cking scary for some reason. This doll, who shared the name Robert with his owner, was given to Robert Eugene (Gene) Otto at the start of the 20th century by the family's Bahamian scorned servant who was skilled in black magic and voodoo. Yeah sure, that's a good idea! Let's keep the doll that the woman we fired for conducting black magic gave our son. Seems safe.

While all seemed fine in the beginning (doesn't it always?), the doll's intentions slowly turned sinister. Instead of nicely playing with Robert like he used to, he took to vandalizing his room and scaring the poor little boy. After enough of Robert's shenanigans, they locked him in the attic where he remained for many years. When Gene passed away in 1974, the Otto's home was sold to a family with a young daughter and Robert found a new friend to terrorize. The girl wasn't as close to Robert as Gene had been, she feared him. She would wake up in the night screaming that Robert was moving around the room and trying to kill her.

Robert the Doll now lives in a glass display case at the Fort East Martello Museum in Key West, Florida. While he has become more mild-mannered in his old doll age, he's still up for a few antics. These mainly include moving around the museum at night and cursing people who take his picture without asking politely first.

Yes, the Child's Play doll Chucky was loosely based on this doll, but I think that a voodoo cursed doll would be even scarier than a serial killer turned Toys 'R Us.


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Interview: What is it like to be possessed by a ghost?

The following is an interview originally posted on, on October 8, 2014.

Dude! Bro! Man! These are some of the familiar exchanges you'll hear as the Ghost Adventures Crew — Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, and Aaron Goodwin — investigate the world's most haunted locales and scare the bejesus out of their rabid fans every Saturday night. (Hopefully the bro talk offers viewers a bit of levity to an already freaky situation.)  

Whether you believe in the supernatural or not, the G.A. Crew takes their job dead seriously, as they come well equipped with green-tinted night vision cameras, motion and electromagnetic field detectors, no-contact thermometers and other ghostbusting gadgets that have captured some hair-raising moments: body scratches, unattended doors slamming, breathy whispers in audio recordings, and images of unexplained orbs in photographs. 

As the show ventures into its 10th season, Zak Bagans took time out to answer our burning questions about what this new set of ghostly experiences brings.

Out of all the places you've traveled this upcoming season, which place was the scariest for you and why?
I'd have to say the scariest place for me this season was Mexico to investigate at the Island of the Dolls. This place wasn't about evil spirits or demons, it was about a place full of possessed dolls that just really got under my skin. The Aztec canals where the Island of the Dolls is located have their own countless layers of other dark history and ancient hauntings on top of the Island's possessed dolls — the whole area is just a very scary place to be. It’s a haunted Mexican waterworld where you don’t want to get lost. I don't think I've really been more terrified than what happens on the island when one of the dolls starts unexplainably laughing. That was it for me. Done. 

Siberian Holes May Be Related to the Bermuda Triangle

Those mysterious holes that appeared in Siberia earlier this year may actually be small “distant relatives” of the Bermuda Triangle, according to a report in the journal Science in Siberia. Does this mean that Russian sledders, skiers and yak herders are in danger of disappearing? Will small ships or runners in giant hamster balls start popping out of holes in Siberia?

The Siberian Times reports that researchers from the Trofimuk Institute of Petroleum-Gas Geology and Geophysics recently spent four days checking out the three holes, although they weren’t allowed to descend into the holes for “safety” reasons – don’t the Russians have drones yet? They confirmed previous speculations that higher-than-normal ground temperatures (possibly due to global warming) met with heat generated by an underground fault line to release gas hydrates trapped in the permafrost, triggering underground gas explosions that formed the holes.

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's... a man?! Man seen flying past plane window at 3,500ft!

The pilots of an Airbus 320 were left perplexed after they saw a man flying past their plane.

The peculiar incident saw the figure approach to within 100m of the aircraft as it began its descent in to Manchester Airport.

The man, who was witnessed by both pilots, did not appear to have a canopy or any other notable equipment to keep him in the air.

Skeleton of Possible 'Witch Girl' Found

An archaeological dig in northern Italy has unearthed the remains of a 13-year-old-girl buried face-down -- evidence, archaeologists say, that despite her young age, she was rejected by her community and seen as a danger even when dead.

Dubbed by Italian media as “the witch girl,” the skeleton was unearthed at the complex of San Calocero in Albenga on the Ligurian Riviera, by a team of the Pontifical Institute of Christian Archaeology at the Vatican.

The site, a burial ground on which a martyr church dedicated to San Calocero was built around the fifth and sixth centuries A.D., was completely abandoned in 1593.

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Protect yourself from shadow people

Man Walks In To Haunted House With Real Chainsaw, Murders 7 People

A Los Angeles, California man is in custody, and 7 people are dead after a tragic attack inside an East LA haunted house attraction over the weekend that was caught on surveillance video.

A Hispanic male, 26-year-old Louis Ortega, entered the Texas Chainsaw Massacre House of Horrors on Friday’s opening night wielding a chainsaw.

He pushed his way through the ticket handlers at the front door and ran through a crowd of people. Witnesses say at first they thought it was part of the show.

After Gaining Paranormal Fame, Ghost Hunting Spirit Summoners Burn Historic 'Ghost Church' to the Ground

Now that Halloween is a few days away and outlets all over the Internet, including us, are highlighting, ranking, and reviewing the scariest legends surrounding cemeteries, abandoned hospitals, and haunted houses across America, it's a good time to remind people what happens when paranormal investigation goes wrong.

There's no better demonstration for the dark side of supernatural obsession than what happened with St. John's Anglican Church.

Hidden in a forest in rural Quebec, St. John's was built in 1858 by British and Irish settlers in the town of Laurentians. The tiny church was nothing to look at, but it was built well and outlived generations of worshippers who eventually left it behind. As the community gradually shrank into a ghost town, the church became the last remnant of Shrewsbury, a Scottish and Irish settlement founded in the 1820s.

Somewhere down the line, the church's worn-down appearance and relatively desolate location led to whispered tales of mass suicide, Satanic cults, and of course, stories about brushes with the sorrowful ghosts trapped in its walls. As the rumors surrounding the church grew, so did the visits from those looking for a supernatural thrill, and St. John's became the place to go for weekend trysts with the dead.

Bodies Of At Least Three Dead Infants Found In Winnipeg Storage Locker

The discovery of the bodies of up to four infants in a Canadian storage locker is “tragic beyond belief,” police in Winnipeg said Tuesday.

Constable Eric Hofley, spokesman for the Winnipeg Police Department, said at the afternoon news conference that the investigation was ongoing and promised to provide more information Wednesday.

 Hofley told reporters that employees at the self-storage facility found the human remains Monday afternoon and immediately called authorities.

“The remains were in a state such as it’s not obvious yet exactly whether we are dealing with four separate remains or three,” he told reporters, according to the Toronto Star.  “That will be determined at autopsy.”

World's 9 most haunted tourist destinations

The Halloween season is here and you don't have to seek out a modern-day manufactured fright house for a scare.

Mystery shrouds many famous tourist destinations that have been around for centuries, and where the ghosts of the people who once walked their streets and halls still linger.

Whether it's a castle in Ireland, an island in Mexico or a collection of underground tunnels in Paris, check out these creepiest destinations.

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9 Signs Your Child Had A Past Life

Does your 3-year-old have a strange understanding of the inner workings of the Titanic?

Is your 6-year-old boy able to translate the words of Adolf Hitler?

Does your 7-year-old girl say bizarre things about how she spied on you in a window from heaven before she was born?

As strange as it sounds, some people believe those anecdotes are signs the kids were reincarnated.
Belief in reincarnation goes back centuries and is part of many religious faiths, but there is, so far, little scientific data supporting it.

However, the producers of a reality series are gathering some intriguing information that may suggest reincarnation does exist.