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Interview With a Demonologist

Via by Charlie Vazquez

My favorite stage in writing works of dark fiction is the research and my latest projects have thrown me into the worlds of the invisible and vile. Preliminary investigations of these debated and controversial phenomena led me to the Twitter profile of Dr. Lynne Campbell, a Toronto-based demonologist and author, who agreed to answer questions as part of my book research and then agreed to this second interview... just as summer dims to a whisper.

As the darker seasons approach...

Q: How would you explain the reason for a demon's existence to a non-believer?

A: I would share with them that there must be a balance in all things. This is part of nature, which we see all around us. There are opposites for everything. Some examples would include: land and water, light and dark/the absence of light, hot and cold/the absence of warmth. In keeping with this we also see human love and acts of kindness, just as we see hatred and acts of cruelty. This does not change when speaking of spiritual matters.

It only makes sense that if there is positive spiritual energy in the universe, there must also exist an opposing force of the negative. I cannot, and certainly wouldn't want to, force anyone to believe in the demonic, however. I would explain the "why" of its existence as part of this universal balance. My book A Course in Demonology for Paranormal Investigators delves into what the demonic are and what they want. It may also be helpful to others who are interested or curious about the subject matter.

Q: So what would you tell those who don't believe in spiritual possibilities at all?

A: I would say what I've been saying for years: What you believe or do not believe is strictly up to you. What I write is for those who do believe, not to force my beliefs on others. I wouldn't want anyone forcing their beliefs on me.

Q: What can be done to get rid of demons, say from an area they prefer to haunt?

A: Exorcism of the home that is infested and/or of the person(s) who has been invaded is the only way to banish the demonic once they've found a "point of entry". Exorcism is a multi-faith practice. Every culture around the globe has exorcism rituals. I again refer to my book A Course in Demonology for Paranormal Investigators.

5 Reasons Why the Discovery of Water on Mars Changes Everything

Via by Tom Head

It’s official: NASA has discovered evidence of seasonal water flow on Mars. The astronomy community is psyched, the geology community is psyched…and you may or may not be psyched, which is completely understandable.

But here’s why you should be:

1. It could indicate real, present-tense life on Mars.

The question of whether there’s life on Mars has captivated scientists since the 19th century, but the chain of evolution on Earth has depended on water—something that Mars appeared to lack. Now that we know for sure Martian water is a thing, testing it for microbes is the next logical step.

2. It could indicate past life on Mars—which may have huge implications for life on our own planet.

Mars is 4.5 billion years old, so it’s not inconceivable that as recently as a few hundred million years ago, it was covered with obvious, thriving life. If we discover Mars once hosted a complex planetary ecosystem, learning how it lost that ecosystem could help us avoid meeting the same fate.

Also: There’s a school of thought that says Earth’s first microbes may have arrived from Mars, and a detailed look at Martian organisms (living or fossilized) could help answer that question for us.

10 Devilishly Tall Tales Of The Jersey Devil

Via by Lance David LeClaire

Urban legends, folklore, mythology, and cryptozoology are all popular subjects here at Listverse. We love tales of mysterious places, unexplained mysteries, and unlikely critters, whether or not we believe in them. The tale of the Jersey Devil encompasses all of this and more.

A wealth of stories about the cryptid exist, and they warrant an in-depth look. To this very day, people still say that they’ve seen it roaming the New Jersey woods. In fact, the Jersey Devil (aka the Leed’s Devil) has been a part of its state’s history for so long that, in 1939, New Jersey became the only US state with an official state demon. Their hockey team is also named after the beast. Let’s learn a bit more about the Jersey Devil, and you can decide for yourself whether a creature truly stalks the state or if it’s all just a bunch of tall tales.
10. Birth Of The Jersey Devil

There are several variations to the story of the Jersey Devil’s birth. Most agree that its mother was a poor Quaker woman named Mother Leeds (or a young woman from Leed’s Point) who lived as a widow with her large family of 12 children in a cabin in Estellville. Mother Leeds was suspected of witchcraft, and when she gave birth to a 13th child, the event was attended by several curious onlookers.

Some say that Mother Leeds cursed her misfortune of bringing another child into her already impoverished family, crying out, “Let this child be a devil!” as she went into labor. Others claim that the child was born deformed, and still others talk of a gypsy curse. The most popular tales claim that the child was born normal at first, but before the eyes of the terrified onlookers (or only a local pastor), it changed. Its body stretched, and it sprouted wings and a tail. Its feet became cloven, and its head grew horse-like and horrible. Some stories claim that mother Leeds confined the beast until it escaped, while others assert that the beast would visit her nightly until driven away, but most say that the Jersey Devil rose up and attacked everyone in the room, including its mother, and then flew out into the night.

Today, the southern end of New Jersey consists of small towns such as Smithville, Absecon, and the infamous Leed’s Point. The points between are filled with wilderness. Houses can be few and far between, and even today there are few streetlights to light the way. It’s not hard to imagine how dark and claustrophobic it must have been in 1735, easily inspiring tales of monsters.
9. Joseph Bonaparte And The Jersey Devil

Starting in 1735, locals blamed the Jersey Devil for crop failures and droughts. When cows stopped giving milk or livestock disappeared, it was a sure sign of the creature. From the beginning, it wasn’t just local farmers or general townsfolk who reported the beast; prominent citizens and government officials also had tales to tell. Businessmen, postal workers, and even policemen all added to the reports.

One supposed witness was the former king of Spain Joseph Bonaparte, brother of Napoleon Bonaparte, who was forced to abdicate the throne and then exiled to the US after the Peninsula Wars. Bonaparte supposedly once claimed that he was out hunting near his mansion in Bordentown, New Jersey, when he found strange tracks on the ground that looked like they came from some kind of two-legged donkey. He observed that at one point, the tracks suddenly ended, as if something had taken flight.

Suddenly, he heard a horrible hissing sound behind him. Turning, he found himself face-to-face with a “large winged creature with a horse-like head and bird-like legs.” Paralyzed with fear, Bonaparte forgot about his rifle and could only watch until the terrible apparition flew away. Bonaparte never saw the beast again, though he is said to have watched for it whenever he went hunting. Eventually, he became ill and returned to Europe.

Did Bonaparte claim to see the legendary Jersey Devil? One clue may shed some light on his story: Before he was made a reluctant king by his brother, Joseph Bonaparte wanted to be a writer.

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Cruise Into Darkness: The Bizarre Disappearance of Amy Bradley

Via by Brent Swancer

Caribbean cruises have an incredibly enduring popularity. When it comes to travelling in style and luxury, there is no comparison to the allure that cruises offer. Who wouldn’t want to spend their days meandering through azure blue waters, clear skies, and quaint, charming tropical islands while indulging in luxury aboard vast ships that offer the finest amenities and are more like floating cities than boats? Statistics seem to agree. In 2015, 14.91 million people went on cruises in North America alone, most of those in the Caribbean. With so many people flocking to enjoy tropical paradise aboard these luxurious cruise ships, one might expect that this is a safe, sunny, and opulent way to travel, but there is a dark underbelly that lies in direct contrast to the white sand beaches, palm trees, and blue skies. There seems to be a disturbing trend for people to suddenly go missing without a trace aboard cruises, most noticeably in the Caribbean, and it is not just an isolated few. Since 1995, hundreds of people have boarded cruise ships on their way to paradise and never returned, most often while at sea and seeming to vanish into thin air, leaving behind confusion, little evidence and few clues as to what happened to them. They are simply gone, and very few of these disappearances are ever solved, leaving nothing but unanswered questions and a dark pall over the cruise industry at large.

Perhaps one of the most well-known and well publicized mysterious Caribbean cruise ship disappearances is that of 23 year-old Amy Lynn Bradley, who disappeared without a trace aboard the Royal Caribbean International cruise ship Rhapsody of the Seas while it was on a trip from Puerto Rico to the island of Curaçao, located in the southern Caribbean Sea in the former Netherlands Antilles. Amy was a bright, outgoing young woman who had just finished college and was on a Caribbean cruise vacation with her mother, father and younger brother. Amy had joined the cruise rather reluctantly, as although she was a trained lifeguard and strong swimmer, she had always been afraid of the open ocean, but had been ultimately persuaded to go on the trip by her family. Even with these reservations, once aboard Amy quickly found herself enjoying the cruise, and on March 23, 1998, on the third night of their trip, as the ship was docked in Curaçao, she and her family attended a dinner party on the upper deck and she stayed with her brother partying after hours, not returning to their cabin until 3:40 AM. At 5:30 AM, after having initially fallen asleep on her room’s balcony, Amy woke up, changed clothes and stepped out with her cigarettes and a lighter, obviously planning to return shortly because she did not put on shoes. Her family would never see her again.

The Spooky Science Behind Ouija Boards

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Charlyn Wee via Flickr
Via Michele Debczac

Since the 19th century, the Ouija board has been viewed as both a dangerous instrument of the occult and a kitschy game to break out at parties. To use it, a group of people must place their fingers on the pointer, or planchette, and watch as the "spirits” glide it over the letters and numbers on the board, effectively spelling out their message. Some attribute this phenomenon to supernatural forces, while others point to deceptive pranksters. The real answer, however, is as spooky as it is scientific.

The ideomotor effect occurs when someone moves themself or an object without being conscious of their actions. This combined with a strong subconscious need for an answer, like what one might feel when using a Ouija board, leads to players moving the planchette without any knowledge of doing so.

5 Warning Signs You May Have Been Abducted By Aliens and Not Even Know It

Via by Gare Allen

Under hypnosis, many unfortunate abductees recall terrifying memories involving horrific alien encounters and painful, physical experimentation. Their recollection includes time spent aboard an alien space craft while paralyzed, often by unseen restraints, frozen in cold, metal beds. Often, they recall the images of strange and grey-colored extraterrestrial creatures peering and probing them, seemingly in search of scientific information.

An understandable dismissal of these memories is favored over the acceptance of a frightening reality of abduction and invasive procedures. However, there can be other indications of alien abduction to be found outside of hypnosis, in the waking state.

The 'Bell Witch' Talking Poltergeist Case

Via by Mark Russell Bell

A profusion of events unlike anything commonly known to have ever happened before is chronicled to have been experienced by John Bell and his family while living on the south bank of the Red River in Robertson County, Tennessee during the early nineteenth century. One of John's sons, Richard Williams Bell wrote about his family's experiences in a manuscript that he entitled Our Family Trouble. These memoirs are included in the case study An Authenticated History of the Bell Witch (1894) by Martin Van Buren Ingram (1832-1909).

The version of Ingram's book that is currently available to be read online has some added materials at the beginning and conclusion of the file and is not typographically precise. Two other significant books about this 'talking poltergeist' case are The Bell Witch: A Mysterious Spirit (1934) by Charles Bailey Bell and The Bell Witch of Middle Tennessee (1930) by Harriet Parks Miller — published in a tandem 1972 edition "reproduced in facsimile" from a Nashville bookseller.

A newspaper editor and publisher, M. V. Ingram wrote in the Preface about compiling "corroborative testimony . . . transmitted to the present generation of the surrounding country through family reminiscences of that most eventful and exciting period of the century, which set hundreds of people to investigating, including Gen. Andrew Jackson . . ."

Ingram reminded that "Newspapers were few and far between at the time these events transpired . . ." Richard Williams Bell wrote his recollections in 1846, describing "a sufficient number of incidents to give the reader a general idea of the phenomena and the afflictions endured by our family." The manuscript was inherited by his eldest son, James Allen Bell, who consented to publication of his father's memoir among the testimonials gathered by Ingram.

Some passages denounce the haunting presence as culpable not only for physical ailments experienced by Richard's father and sister but even for his father’s death. An undiagnosed malady was reported to have sometimes left John Bell unable to talk or eat while there was an interval when Betsy Bell was described as having been subjected to recurring fainting spells accompanied by a severe asthmatic condition. Richard Williams Bell acknowledged: "There is no positive evidence that these spells were produced by the witch. However, that was the conclusion, from the fact that there was no other apparent cause."

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Irish Lore Keeper’s Dire Warning: US Company Will Be Cursed If Ancient Fairy Fort Is Destroyed

Via by Liz Leafloor

West Pharmaceutical Services is building a new factory in Waterford, Ireland, with plans to employ more than 150 people upon completion in 2018, reports The Irish Times. However, the construction site is situated over an ancient ringfort (also known as a rath, or fairyfort) which dates back thousands of years.
Lore Keeper Sounds Alarm

Eddie Lenihan, famed Irish author, storyteller, and broadcaster, warns West Pharmaceutical that destruction or removal of the Knockhouse fairyfort would spell dire consequences and bad luck for all those involved in construction or clearing the ancient dwelling, according to the Irish Examiner.

Lenihan is one of only a few remaining practicing seanchaithe, or traditional storyteller and lore keeper. The seanchaithe, much like bards, memorize and preserve the oral traditions, history, and laws of the ancient Celtic culture. Lenihan has personally written to the American firm, and says,”I am no campaigner, I just like to see things respected. I said to them [West Pharmaceutical Services], in that letter, that if that factory is built, and I hope the factory is built on another location because Waterford needs the jobs, but if it is built there, wait and see what happens.

“It’s not a matter of if it will close but when it will close. People will think you are a crank if you say something like this and there will be much laughter.”

It is apparently no laughing matter to locals, who heeded the call to preserve the ancient fairyfort, and took no part in the construction. Workers needed to be brought in from outside Waterford to continue the job.  

More than 1600 free esoteric and occult ebooks, spellbooks in PDF to download

Via a very big thank you to Christina for making these resources available!  Link to site at bottom of article!

I spend a lot of time reading literature. At the moment I'm read book Grimoires: A History of Magic Books by Owen Davies, which talks about a range of subjects from the history of Jewish traditions to the destruction of old magic books by the Christian church. I am very grateful to one of the visitors of my site, who found this book on the internet and send it to me via email. I am also very grateful to all other people who send me interesting books on magic to add to my collection!

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In addition, my site has many videos and articles on witchcraft, black magic, occultism, voodoo magic, esoterica, paganism. I hope it will be useful to anyone interested in magic and witchcraft, and wants to know more about them, beginners and professional wizards and witches. Read articles, download magic books, watch videos, learn the secrets of magic and remember, keep an open mind, just because something has not been revealed to you yet does not mean that your wishes and dreams aren't just moments away. Your beliefs and perseverance are the key to your life' successes - I'm very optimistic that it can help you achieve all of your goals, and overcome all of your obstacles.

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Why you’re probably not an alien descendant


Sometimes, you have to go out of your way to look for post material. Sometimes, ideas brew in the back of your head until you have a complete thought that works. And sometimes, the exact blog fodder you didn’t even know you sought until you saw it arrives in your inbox on its own. In the years this blog has been up and running, the number and the frequency of posts while I am actively writing, gave plenty of journalists and PR agents the idea that this is my full time job. It’s not, as should be clear from my short bio, but nevertheless, unsolicited press releases, offers to do interviews, and review copies of books get sent to me on a regular basis. Most of the books in question won’t be blockbusters flying off the shelves at your local bookstore, or on back order from your favorite online retailer, i.e. Amazon, so I seldom mention them. But this one, while not destined for the bestseller list as well, is actually noteworthy in its own, very bizarre way.

Across the ufology and ancient alien theory community, there’s a pervasive idea of human-alien hybrids either living among us, or being with us in the past. When the whole idea was just being distilled into von Daniken’s books, the most popular alternative history of humanity held that we were all of alien origin, engineered to be slaves to an extraterrestrial civilization known to us as the Anunnaki. Compared to other species on this planet, the theorists argued, we were way too smart for our own good and biology alone can’t explain the sudden leap in intelligence. Until the alien part would’ve come up, you could’ve sworn you were reading a creationist tract. But as of late, there’s been a bit of a refinement along the lines of David Icke’s ideas. Humans evolved on their own, just as we were taught in a proper science class. It’s just that some humans had very unconventional families in which mom or dad was an alien from the otherwordly ruling caste. I’d like to think of it as a classic fairy tale but the prince or princess is a lizard from Tau Ceti.

Former RAF engineer: MI5 'paid people to fake crop circles' to discredit UFO research

Via by Jon Austin

David Clayton, who is an expert on crop circles and animal mutilations, both allegedly carried out by visiting aliens, told the UFO Truth Magazine international annual conference of a sinister plot by spooks to ensure the truth never gets out.

Mr Cayton told of seeing crop circles in the 1980s that could not have been made by hoaxers, and therefore must have been alien in origin, because the plants within the circle had not been flattened by physical force, but by heat.

There are many UFO believers who claim some crop circles are what is left after a flying saucer lands in a field.

Mr Clayton admitted that most crop circles that had been highlighted since the 1990s were fakes, but real ones had been found.

Is this Mississippi blues cafe haunted?

Via by Harold Gater

A Philadelphia, Miss. blues club is reportedly haunted. Employees at a Brandi’s Blues Café have reported sighting an apparition at the establishment.

WTOK reported that Chef Joe Cumberland said he was alone one morning when he heard a loud bang.

"We hear that all the time so I didn't think anything of it. I walked out and the water was running in the sink. That was a little strange. I hadn't turned it on that morning. I walked over there to cut it off came back. I sat a bowl down on a table and looked to the door of the kitchen. There was a figure there about 6 ft. It had a little pot belly. I saw it for three or four seconds," says Cumberland.

Cumberland believed it was coworker but discovered he was the only one in the building. He then heard footsteps upstairs. Cumberland said he was so startled that he went outside for fifteen minutes before returning to the kitchen.