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10 Mysterious Discoveries That Still Puzzle Archaeologists

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Without archaeological puzzles, researchers wouldn’t have much of a career. Luckily for archaeologists, known objects turn up where they shouldn’t while unknown objects sometimes surface as one-of-a-kind, enormous structures built with dedication but no clear purpose. Civilizations may abandon advanced cities for no reason, and sometimes, there are even unusual treasures of gold.

10. The Riddled Jar

A clay vase at a Canadian museum holds more questions than its 180 pieces. Once restored, the true novelty of the pot surfaced—it was created with holes.

Storing food or fluids in something like this would be a bad idea. A hole piercing the bottom also ruled out its usage as a type of lamp, and it doesn’t resemble any known ancient animal containers.

Archaeologists from the Museum of Ontario Archaeology consulted Roman pottery experts, but nobody recognized it. Another mystery is how the vessel arrived at the museum. It may have been dug up in the 1950s from a London World War II crater in an area that was Roman territory 1,800 years ago.

The storage room in which it was found also contained items from Iraq’s ancient city of Ur dating back 5,000 years. Whether from Britain or Iraq, there is no other object like it.

9. The Alaska Artifact

In 2011, a team from the University of Colorado was researching prehistoric climate change when they stumbled upon an unusual artifact. The focus site was a 1,000-year-old Eskimo settlement at Cape Espenberg, Alaska.

Centuries older than the house in which it was found, the bronze object resembled a tiny belt buckle. Remarkably, it appears to have been made in a mold. If so, it’s the only ancient artifact of cast bronze to come from Alaska.

The item, a broken ring fastened to a rectangular frame, had a leather strap attached. Radiocarbon dating placed the leather at around AD 600 but doesn’t necessarily reflect the metal’s age. Since bronze wasn’t worked in Alaska, it had to have come from somewhere else.

Most likely manufactured in East Asia, the bronze could have reached the Inupiat Eskimos through trading and been passed down through the generations as a valuable heirloom. Researchers still can’t figure out what either continent supposedly used it for.

UFO Disclosure Lobbyist Starts GoFundMe Page

Via by MJ Banias

UFO Disclosure lobbyist Stephen Bassett has started up a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for his lobbying project to bring about an announcement from the United States government that extraterrestrials are interacting with humanity and earth.

On the campaign page, he writes,

This funding effort is in service to every citizen of every nation now convinced the world should not wait one more day for confirmation we are not alone is this universe. For 70 years this truth has been embargoed by your government. After 20 years of engagement of the issue, I know this embargo can end this year with your help.

Bassett is the founder of the Paradigm Research Group, an activist organization that has been working since 1996 to end the “truth embargo” established by the American government in regards to an alleged ET presence on earth.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Quake Mystic Warns of Tremors Caused by Planetary Alignments

Via by Paul Seaburn

Sorry we’re a little late with this story … especially if the ground is currently shaking under your feet. A self-described “earthquake mystic,” who claims he has successfully predicted major quakes based on planetary alignments, issued a YouTube video on February 19th (five days ago as of this writing) warning that a Mars-Venus-Jupiter-Uranus line-up will cause big tremors in the Philippines, Chile, Peru, Indonesia, and the United States from February 24th to March 8th. Could this have anything to do with the recent oarfish beachings in the Philippines? Should we cancel Mardi Gras?

While the possibility of increased seismic activity continues, with the potential of an 8+ magnitude earthquake between the 24th and 27th according to the Earth Harmonics involved, a New Moon and Solar Eclipse on the 26th at 14:31 UTC may initially prevent seismic activity to go over low 7 magnitude.

Some musings On EVP

Via by The Reverend Matt Cook

The term EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomenon is a term that those with an interest in psychical research will be all to familiar with. It seems no ghost hunters kit is complete with out some kind of audio recording device included in it. The premise is rather simple, the investigator will set their equipment to record and then ask a question to any spirit or other unseen entity that may be in ear shot. The enquirer then waits for maybe 30 seconds before asking another question to give the respondent spook time to reply. After a number of questions the tape or digital file is then played back and if all went well there will be the disembodied voices of those who have passed over on the recording. Well that is what is supposed to happen, as with most areas of spirit communication EVP raises more questions than it answers, but before we delve into those questions let’s take a look at the history of the technique.

Although there were a couple before him Friedrich Jurgenson is considered by many to be the god father of EVP. Jurgenson was born in the Ukrainian city of Odessa in 1905, as he grew up he began to excel in the arts and became a acclaimed concert pianist, realist painter and he was also tipped to have been a great opera singer but sadly due to an illness that his voice never recovered from it wasn’t to be. But it was Jurgensons love of singing that prompted him, in 1957,to purchase a reel to reel tape player so that he could record himself singing. It was then he started noticing something peculiar. During playback of his recordings he observed the sound was fading in and out which seemed to induce what some may describe as a hypnotic state (maybe due to white noise).

“I sat by the table, clearly awake and relaxed. I sensed that soon something was going to happen. Following an inner pleasurable calmness, long sentences in English appeared in my consciousness. I did not perceive these sentences acoustically but they formed themselves as long phonetic sentences and after a closer study I couldn’t conceive the words as correct English but in a disfigured almost alphabetical way – completely deformed. I did not hear a voice, a sound nor a whisper. It was all soundless.”

Texas UFO kills allegedly ground electronics, creates fog to hide in

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A Texas witness at Katy recalled a UFO encounter from early 2016 where he and his wife watched a triangle UFO the size of a “mother ship” that apparently affected their electronic equipment at ground level and created a fog around itself, according to testimony in Case 81939 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness and his wife were driving along I-10 near Katy at 7 p.m. on February 3, 2016, when the incident began.

“Looking up and out of the sun roof – because she said she had the inkling or feeling to do so – she points out to me what looks like two black dots or holes that might be a break in the clouds,” the witness states.

The witness stated that he could see the cloud cover moving between them and black dots – but then noticed a third black dot.

“So I could see the low night fog moving over these dots, so therefore it wasn’t a break in the cloud cover.”

10 Incredible Attic Finds That Will Really Surprise You

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Sometimes, things spend ages covered in dust and spider webs, completely forgotten. And most of the time, this is not a problem at all.

Other times, it is a huge problem. From treasures to pure nightmares, people discover everything in their attics.

10. Glass Negatives

When you dare search for something in the attic, you sooner or later stumble over a giant box filled with an old slide projector and countless slides. Some photographs a little bit more valuable than your old holiday photos have been discovered in Peoria, Illinois, hidden inside a box in an abandoned house’s attic.

The boxes contained over 200 glass negatives, dating back to the late 1800s and early 1900s. The negatives were found just in time before the house was demolished, and they sold in a salvage shop to photo restoration expert Chris Traugott Coulter of the Peoria Historical Society. Coulter had to create special holders for the negatives (being in 11 different sizes) and started to restore and digitize them. He shares the photos online and asks people’s help to identify who or what exactly is on them.

The photos offer a truly unique glimpse into the past, showing soldiers training in the late 1890s, cowboys, a jumping dog, people looking uncomfortable into the camera, and much more.

9. Grandson’s Body

Just like basements, attics can be pretty creepy sometimes. Imagine finding a dead mouse in there. Now think about finding a dead body in your attic—not just any dead body (how boring would that be?) but rather the body of someone you have known and loved.

This nightmare story happened to Zanobia Richmond, 65, from Erie, Pennsylvania. When the old lady heard a bang upstairs in her attic, she went to investigate and found the badly decomposed body of her own grandson, Dyquain Rogers. Dyquain Rogers was 21 years old when he suddenly disappeared in 2014. All searches had been without conclusion, and the family simply hoped he had left Erie. What exactly happened to Dyquain Rogers is still a mystery, but his final Facebook post, made one day before his disappearance, suggests his unhappiness about something, saying: “I have been having the worst luck lately.”

Oxford Scientists Predict Three Ways the World Will End

Via by Brett Tingley

Everyone loves predicting the end of the world. Apocalyptic fiction has become increasingly popular in recent years, with alien invasions and zombie uprisings being two of the most common ways these tales portray humanity being wiped out. While those two scenarios probably aren’t happening anytime soon – I mean come on, those zombies would decompose and fall apart after a few months – there are a number of serious and totally real risks facing humanity’s future.

To prepare for such events, an interdisciplinary team of philosophers and scientists at Oxford’s Future of Humanity Institute (FHI) recently published a report warning of humankind’s most pressing dangers. The report, titled Existential Risk: Diplomacy and Governance, seeks to outline what it calls existential risks, which it defines as events “with the potential to permanently curtail humanity’s opportunity to flourish.” While many different apocalyptic scenarios are presented throughout the report, the FHI team members highlight three events as the most likely: nuclear war, a deadly pandemic, or irreversible climate change.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Bolivia is under siege by a plague of locusts


Bolivia has started chemical spraying in its eastern grain region to fight a plague of locusts which is endangering thousands of hectares of crops.

The locusts were first reported in January and have already taken over 1,000 hectares in the province of Santa Cruz.

Bolivian President Evo Morales said it was the first time his country had seen locusts.

Neighbouring Argentina has suffered with them since the 1920s.

Sucker Money: An Exposé of the Psychic Racket, but not really.

Via by John E. L. Tenney

In 1933 film producer and original “shockumentarian” Willis Kent set his eyes on exposing what he saw as the phoney racket of psychics. Earlier in his career Kent had made a name for himself by producing the film “The Pace that Kills” a little film about dope, heroin, cocaine addiction and prostitution. His later films would be about things…even worse.

10 Psychological Reasons Why People Are Afraid Of Clowns

Via by Shannon Quinn

Many people suffer from true coulrophobia, the fear of clowns. Even without a full-blown phobia, everyone seems to agree that clowns are just a little bit scary. But have you ever wondered why? Logically, a clown is simply a person wearing makeup and silly clothes, and yet they still tend to give just about everyone the creeps.

10. The Painted Smile

There is something unnatural about the fact that clowns are always smiling. We are logically aware that this red, painted smile is fake. Yet it makes it more difficult to tell when the person wearing the makeup is showing actual emotion.

Johnny Depp was quoted as saying that when he was a child, he had nightmares about clowns. He claims that painted-on smiles make it impossible to figure out if clowns are happy or hiding the fact that they are about to bite your face off.

This fake smile makes most people feel uncomfortable. As social creatures, we read each other’s emotional cues to interact with one another, to become friends, or even just to make small talk. Imagine trying to talk to a normal person who never stopped smiling, even for a moment.

In Psychology Today, Dr. Jordan Gaines Lewis wrote that a clown’s painted-on smile limits the emotions that we can interpret from its face. Clowns also ask us to smile back, and we might not actually feel like laughing or smiling at that very second. Even in the best scenario, we may feel awkward or annoyed by a clown. If there is a real fear there, however, this pressure can add to the terror.

9. They’re Unpredictable And Untrustworthy

Clowns are zany and crazy, and part of their comedy is that you’re never sure what they will do next. They could pile 20 of their friends into one tiny car, spray you with water from a flower on their shirt, or throw a pie in your face. Part of a clown’s identity is doing over-the-top things that would not typically be considered normal behavior.

People thrive when they can stick to a daily routine and often suffer mental stress and anxiety when their lives are unpredictable, unstable, or unsafe. So it only makes sense that interacting with a clown can be frightening.

According to an article in Scientific American, clowns are “tricksters” whose masks give them the feeling that they can abandon typically acceptable social behavior. We are never sure what they are going to do because, by definition, clowns are trying to push the limits of what other people will tolerate before they snap.

Iceland’s Four Biggest Volcanoes Getting Ready to Erupt

Via by Paul Seaburn

While most of the world is watching Washington DC for the next major earth-rattling eruption, someone needs to keep an eye on Iceland, where all four of its major volcanoes are exhibiting signs of potential real eruptions of the global winter kind.

Seismic activity tells us we need to be more vigilant than usual but not much more than that now. She is trying to tell us something more than we may understand not completely.

Geophysicist Páll Einarsson tells Iceland’s Fréttablaðið newspaper (Google translated) that he’s most concerned about Katla, a large volcano in southern Iceland that has had multiple earthquakes in its caldera recently, with one measuring 4.3 magnitude. Katla has a long history of regular eruptions every 60 to 80 years. With its last major eruption in 1918, Katla is overdue.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Loch Ness monster spotted in two places at once for the first time ever

Via by Charles Yates

Nessie has been spotted in two places at once for the first time ever.

Two holidaymakers snapped pictures of the famous beastie at almost exactly the same time – but 12 miles apart.

And both photos are in the running for the best photo of the monster taken this year.

Tourist Kevin Smith, 44, used his mobile phone to capture images when he spotted two or three large, dark shapes in the loch near Urquhart Castle.

Meanwhile, Ian Campbell, 56, was photographing what appeared to be two creatures swimming five miles south of Drumnadrochit, Inverness-shire.