Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Being Naughty or Nice is in Your DNA

Via by Nancy Loyan Schuemann

Scientists have discovered that our attitude and altruism is genetic. They designed a mathematical model examining social behavior and the role of genetics (genetic polymorphism). By using colonies of microbes as inspiration, they showed how some individuals are more generous than others in social interactions.

It was discovered that one’s behavior is influenced by a set of inherited genetic tendencies. Thus, DNA influences social behavior. This goes against the common belief suggesting that the environment or experience influences one’s actions.

Behavior may be predicted by one’s relationship with other members in the community and the environment and not in direct response to what one senses or experiences.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Former Gov’t Officials Discuss Unidentified Aerial Phenomena at Disclosure Hearing

(Courtesy of Zland Communications)
Via by Tara MacIsaac

BRANTFORD, Canada—Former high-level government officials were among the panelists at a June 25 hearing calling for disclosure of any remaining classified government information on unidentified aerial phenomena (the new preferred term for unidentified flying objects, or UFOs).

Nick Pope, who handled the UAP files for the U.K.’s Ministry of Defence in the early ’90s, testified at the hearing in Brantford, Canada. The Hon. Paul Hellyer, former minister of defense for Canada (1963 to 1967) and deputy prime minister under Pierre Trudeau, also testified.

The other panelists were Stanton Friedman, a nuclear physicist and UAP researcher; Travis Walton, an alleged abductee whose story was made famous in the 1993 movie, “Fire in the Sky”; Grant Cameron, a Canadian UAP researcher who has examined stacks of documents received through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests; Richard Dolan, a prominent UAP researcher who first delved into U.S. government files on UAPs 22 years ago while writing a doctoral dissertation on the presidency of Harry Truman; and Steve Bassett, the executive director of the Paradigm Research Group, which advocates for disclosure of all government UAP knowledge.

Chilling Photo Shows Human-Shaped “Ghost” Floating Above Scene of Fatal Kentucky Motorcycle Accident

Via by Greg Newkirk

After watching ambulances respond to a fatal motorcycle accident in Kentucky, a truck driver stuck in traffic snapped a photo of the incident on his smartphone, only to make a shocking discovery upon review: the image appeared to show a ghostly human figure hovering above the deceased motorcyclist.

On Tuesday, Saul Vazquez was sitting in his truck on Highway 15 near Stanton, Kentucky when the accident occurred, prompting him to take a photo of the scene. He captured the photo from his truck’s cab shortly after the accident at 5:30PM, but by the following morning, the image had spread like wildfire on social media.

Dark matter more elusive than ever as scientists admit detector has failed to find mystery particle

Via by Sarah Knapton

Dark matter is said to make up four fifths of the mass of the universe, but finding it is another matter entirely.

A team of scientists, including University College London, have turned off their £7 million ultra-sensitive detector after failing to pick up any hint of the most elusive material in the cosmos.

Despite probing ‘unexplored regions of parameter space’ researchers were left scratching their heads by the stubborn reluctance of dark matter to step in to the light.

“Though a positive signal would have been welcome, nature was not so kind,” Dr Cham Ghag, of UCL.

Prehistoric Tombs Were Also Star Observatories

Via by Paul Seaburn

If you’ve ever attempted to take a date to the cemetery by saying “It’s a great place to look at the stars” (yeah, like I’m the only one who ever tried that line), you may have been following in the footsteps of prehistoric men (and possibly women) who actually crawled into tombs for a better view of the sky. Really!

Astronomer Fabio Silva from the University of Wales Trinity Saint David claims in his new study that prehistoric humans who buried remains in passage graves – underground tombs with walkways to enter and exit them – may have accidentally discovered during dawn or dusk rituals that the dark passageway blocked out ambient light and made stars and planets brighter, especially those near the horizon where the opening was pointing.

The key thing is that a passage grave with its long corridor acts like a telescope that does not have a lens – it is a long tube from which you are looking at the sky. Its characteristics are going to impact how you are looking at the sky in three or four ways.

Monday, July 25, 2016

10 Odd Ways People Protected Themselves From Witchcraft

Via by Laura Martisiute

People have always been superstitious, blaming misfortune and ill health on gods, demons, or spirits. Perhaps the most beloved scapegoat in history however has been the witch—a mysterious woman brewing elixirs and flying to her weekly gatherings. To protect themselves from these supposedly evil and powerful women, people came up with the most curious protective methods you could imagine.
10. Concealed Shoes

Shoes were deliberately hidden within the structure of houses, especially in so-called spiritual openings such as among roof rafters, under the floorboards, and within the walls. This concealment of shoes was said to protect the occupants from witches and other evil spirits. It is said that the belief in originated in the 13th century when a Parish priest from England was said to have trapped the devil in a boot. The curious practice then continued right into the early 20th century.

Some critics claim that the shoes found in unusual crevices were simply lost or disposed of as rubbish rather than concealed for magical purposes. However, these shoes have been left in places that are normally only accessible during times of construction and alteration or by taking considerable trouble such as raising a floorboard. The number of cases and the obvious patterning, as well as the fact that some of the concealed footwear has been found alongside other strange objects such as dried cats or horse skulls, also suggests that the shoes were indeed hidden deliberately.
9. Elf Arrow Amulets

In the past, Scottish peasantry believed that elf arrows or elf shots (arrowheads of flint) fell from clouds and were used as weapons by fairies, elves, and witches to destroy cattle and humans. However, once these arrows were in the possession of humans, they could be used as talismans against witchcraft and evil eyes, as well as a cure for cattle that have been afflicted.

Elf arrows were never to be found when looked for but turned up in the most unexpected places and circumstances. The Scottish geographer Robert Gordon of Straloch described a man who found an elf arrow in his boot while riding and a woman who found one in the breast of her dress. It was necessary to ensure that elf arrows were not exposed to sunlight, for if they were, they could easily be recovered by witches and used as instruments of evil once more.

'Pokémon Go' In Area 51: Empty Gyms, Pokéstops, Pokémon, And More!

Via by Sarene Mae Butao

"Pokémon Go" players wondered what secrets are there in Area 51. Someone went to check and here's what he got.

Since the app release weeks ago, several notable landmarks have been released and used as Pokémon gyms, Pokéstops and, of course, lots and lots of Pokémon. By this time, people are now curious on what's in there for the always secretive and heavily guarded, Area 51. Will there be gyms or Pokéstops? Or perhaps even more than that.

Area 51 was renowned for its alien myth throughout the years. It was said to be the part that were most of the alien sightings/activities and the "other" business took place. While it is at maximum security all along, people are still nosy upon exploring the area in search for wild Pokémons, Fraghero reported.

Watch the Real Video Used to Train Police in Dealing with Satanic Sacrifice and Occult Crimes

Via by Greg Newkirk

These days we don’t blink if we see a pentagram spray-painted in a local park, but there was a time when suburban America was absolutely terrified of satanic cults. Occult rituals became primetime topics as news stations broadcast reports of stolen babies, ritual sacrifice, and sexual abuse done under the command of evil cults worshipping the devil himself.

Satanic Panic was big business in the late 80s and early 90s, spawning hundreds of books, videos, and television specials aimed at instilling fear of the occult into soccer moms across the country, and it worked. In fact, it worked so well that law enforcement agencies everywhere began to investigate typical teenage graffiti as evidence of a satanic presence.

‘Center For Immortality’ Being Built in Texas

Via by Paul Seaburn

It’s being called “The Center for Immortality,” “The Fountain of Youth” and “The Fort Knox of Biological Materials,” but the best description for the new Timeship Building currently under construction in Texas is the “Mecca of Cryogenics.” This futuristic complex is expected to someday house 50,000 frozen humans waiting to be brought back from the dead or their frigid state of suspended animation.

DNA, tissue samples, and cryopreserved patients will be housed in Timeship, and their safety and security against all threats, both natural and human-made, will have to be maintained for hundreds of years.

Architect Stephen Valentine has been planning this complex with cryonics experts for years but construction on the main building didn’t begin until last month on land in Comfort, Texas, (isn’t all of Texas comfortable?). Called the Timeship Building, it will be the “Center for Immortality,” housing cryopreserved bodies, organs, tissues, DNA and other biological materials for future reanimation and use.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Walkers Between Worlds

Via by Greg

Throughout history, humans have have believed in, and sometimes hunted for, creatures that are not of this world. From medieval occultists who attempted to invoke angels and demons via magick circles, invocations and amulets, to modern-day ghost hunters with their electronic devices, invisible, incorporeal entities have sometimes been as much a part of the landscape as the everyday physical objects surrounding us that we can touch and see.

The modern, scientific view has these entities as products of the imagination; our pattern-seeking minds combining with our evolutionary survival instincts and desire to feel in control, to create phantoms out of nothing. The 'other world' does not exist; its imaginary denizens therefore cannot invade our own world and affect us, as they don't exist in the first place.

How ironic, then, that the modern scientific world has now created its own 'other world' - the world of computer-generated, virtual realities - and the creatures that populate any of those worlds can now manifest within our own plane through augmented/mixed reality. For those with phones to see...

This month, the infernal gates to this other world were thrown open. Within a week of its release, the game Pokémon Go amassed a similar number of active users to that of Twitter - with all those players running about their neighbourhoods, seeking the incorporeal monsters now inhabiting our environment, that can only be seen through a special, magical scrying device.

Unlike the rare and much-sought-after occult tools of yesteryear, however, this scrying device is a near-ubiquitous piece of equipment that lives in most people’s pockets or handbags. And while the augmented reality of Pokémon Go may be a reasonably crude first step (though that is of course, relative to what the future holds), as new devices are created and eventually offered to the mass market - such as Microsoft’s ‘HoloLens’, and the much-discussed upcoming product from Magic Leap - the other planes of ‘reality’ available to us will become more and more ‘real’ in their fidelity and detail.

In effect, we are all going to become ‘walkers between worlds’...

The Vampire Graves of Jewett City: The Legend of Connecticut’s Undead, Blood-Sucking Vampire Family

Via by Greg Newkirk

Every town has its mysteries, but some places hold secrets far more bizarre than others. Take Jewett City, Connecticut, a small city that’s home to 3500 people.. and a handful of vampires.

The strange tale of the Jewett City Vampires begins in the middle of the 1800s, when a local family began to notice that they were falling victim to a strange illness. Henry Ray and his three sons were slowly wasting away, each day a bit weaker than the last, almost as if something was visiting them in the night, sucking the life force from their bodies. The family attempted everything they could to diagnose the men, but despite their efforts, their relatives continued to die, thin and frail, shadows of their former selves.

In May of 1853, the family held a meeting. The Rays believed that the undead were stalking the countryside, targeting the farming community, and feeding on victims in the dead of night, turning their friends and family members into foul creatures who would rise from the grave and do the same. Fearing the return of their brothers, the Ray family marched to the local cemetery, exhumed the bodies of their dead, and set them ablaze. When the flames died down, the vampire hunters rearranged the bones, then re-buried the bodies, this time for good.

The drastic measures seemed to work. As the years wore on, the mysterious illness began to slowly disappear, and the countryside was once again safe from the threat of the undead.

10 Crazy Theories About Human Consciousness

Via by Mike Floorwalker

In the centuries since Rene Descartes said, “I think, therefore I am,” philosophy and science have independently pursued a larger understanding of consciousness, with decidedly mixed results. As a processing unit, the brain is still about 30 times more powerful than the fastest supercomputers on the planet, but if there is indeed a process or series of processes that governs our individuality and self-awareness, it has yet to be pinpointed . . . for now.

As with all big questions, very smart people are attempting to answer this one. Here are some theories that have been put forth.
10. We Perceive The World In Slices Of Time

Scientists have been unable to agree whether perception of our surroundings flows unimpeded like water or is perceived incrementally, like images in a flip book. Researchers have developed a model which posits that it is a little of both.

In their aptly named Time Slice Theory, perception is said to be a two-stage process, the first of which is an unconscious processing of our surroundings in broad strokes, like the shape or color of surrounding objects. This first stage occurs in incredibly brief “slices” of time of up to 400 milliseconds. The brain then consolidates and processes the input in the second stage.

While this model focuses heavily on visual processing, the implication is that the feeling of “consciousness” is basically an illusion, a series of snapshots cohered into a whole with the help of other cognitive processes like memory.

9. The Brain Syncs Up To Produce Consciousness

The theory of neural synchrony was put forth in 2007 and has to do more with a possible mechanism behind consciousness than the nature of consciousness itself. It was noted in several studies that subliminal or unconscious processing of stimuli activates many of the same areas of the brain as conscious, directly perceived stimuli. This led researchers to wonder if a specific signature could be found that differentiates between the two.

It was found that a kind of “global synchronization” of independent brain systems occurs during conscious processing, whereas unconscious processing requires only more localized coordination. The team’s results suggest that a wave of activation takes place when processing surface stimuli. This large-scale coordination of various independent compartments of the brain happens a mere 80 milliseconds after the initial stimulus.

The team is confident that this isn’t just indicative of heavier processing for conscious input but rather is a true neural signature of consciousness itself.